Totally Transform Your Teen's Mood

The 6 Parenting Shifts to Totally Transform Your Teen's Mood, Without Yelling and Even If You Think You've Tried It All Before

If you've ever questioned whether you’re too strict or too lenient with your teen or are worried you’ll trigger them when you set a limit...
OR...  you wonder whether your teen’s behavior is "just hormones" or whether it’s crossed a line and cause for concern, join us for this free online parent workshop.

Typical or Cause for Concern?

Gain clear cut idea of what behaviors require attention and treatment and which you can write off as typical teen behavior

Communication that Works!

Grab our 3-step plan for communicating with your teen and setting limits with love that actually work for both of you and bring you closer

The Teen Relationship Blueprint

Walk away with a blueprint for fostering a closer relationship with your teen so that they trust you enough to share when there are concerns for mood or safety and so that you know exactly how to respond and support them


About Your Presenter

Katie K. May is the Owner & Clinical Director of Creative Healing, a Teen Support Center in Flourtown, PA with a team of 12 therapists who specialize in helping adolescents manage anxiety, depression and self-harm behaviors so that they can live a life they love.

It's time to totally transform your teen's mood!

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