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Your framework for responding to overwhelm, emotional outbursts and avoidance.  

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"I finally feel hope that things could actually change."

^^ This is a statement that we’ve heard again and again each time our Parent DBT Specialist, Julie works with a family.

If you’re the parent of an emotionally sensitive teen, you may be all too familiar with…

  • Feeling angry about your teen’s reactions or at your partner for contributing to problematic behaviors.
  • Feeling guilty for what you have or haven’t done to help your teen… (that parent guilt is REAL.)
  • Feeling grief that your teen isn’t the child that you expected and hoped for when you envisioned their life and your relationship with them.
  • Feeling frustrated that your teen just doesn’t get it… nothing is working, despite the therapy, the group, the hospitalization. It’s just not clicking for them.
  • Feeling hopeless and helpless that you’ll ever see a change.

By the time many families find our center, they’ve already experienced years of intense emotions and behaviors at home and have already tried tons of treatments and therapies.

Often times, they’ve received a lot of contradictory advice from varying professionals too. And none of it with any long term lasting effects.

We’ve heard and helped these families consistently for the past few years and supported them to learning how to...

Improve Communication

Learn exactly how to respond to your teen's intense emotions and gain the know-how to do what works.

Manage Stress

Learn the difference between typical behavior and what's cause for concern and gain the self-soothe skills to get through the moment and ease parental stress.

Create Real & Lasting Change

Learn why your teen responds the way they do and gain the tools that you need to parent like a therapist and create true and lasting behavior changes

DBT Parent Coach, Julie Rodgers helps parents learn to skillfully interact with their emotionally sensitive teen so that feel connected and effective every single day.

Learn the practical tools to support your teen so that you have an exact framework for responding to overwhelm, emotional outbursts and avoidance.  

It's time to feel confident in your ability to skillfully support your teen in making healthy choices and stopping self-destructive behaviors.

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