Summer DBT Skills Intensive for Teens

For teens who are ready to go from overwhelmed with big emotions to coping with confidence in just 8 days

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Does your teen...

  • Sometimes feel “bad” or “upset” without knowing exactly why?

  • Make critical judgments or statements about disliking themselves?

  • Avoid feelings by shutting down or self-harming?

  • Tend to dwell on the negative parts of life?

  • Feel hopeless or like they have nothing to look forward to in life?

  • Ignore their own needs, but focus on wanting others to be happy?

  • Get into unhealthy relationships with people who don’t treat them fairly?

  • Have a hard time standing up for themselves?

  • Switch friend groups often or cut others off easily?

  • Feel misunderstood or alone?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a research-backed, results-driven program

Develop Effective Coping Skills

Manage big emotions without impulsive or self-destructive behaviors that make the situation worse

Improve Relationships

Learn to clearly communicate needs and ask for help before a crisis occurs and improve healthy relationships with peers, teachers and family members

Create Lasting Change

Understand how you feel in the moment and know what skills to use when so that your teen makes healthy and effective choices consistently

Summer Skills Intensive Now Enrolling!

June 18 through 27 from 12 to 3 PM









The Curriculum

8 days of skills, self-expression and support for your teen!

Tuesday, June 18th

Your teen will learn how to tune into their thoughts and emotions and "Wise Mind" so that they can feel big emotions while also making safe, healthy and effective decisions, without impulsive behaviors that often make the situation worse.  

Wednesday, June 19th

Your teen will learn to recognize self-criticisms and judgments and let go of pressures and comparisons so they can rebuild a positive self-image and fully accept themselves for who they are while also learning the skills to live as their best selves.

Thursday, June 20th

Your teen will learn the distract, self-soothe and improve the moment skills to get through moments that are tough when they can't change or solve the problem right away.  This is the concrete toolbox of coping skills that'll help your teen in everyday stressful situations to prevent them from escalating into crises.

Friday, June 21st

When you continue to try to change people or situations that cannot be changed, YOU struggle. This is when acceptance is key.  Your teen will practice acceptance of difficult thoughts and situations and learn to navigate life's difficulties in ways that open up opportunity, rather than keeping them stuck in suffering and struggle.

Monday, June 24th

When you avoid or escape feelings or act on urges to make them go away temporarily, they always come back and the behaviors that create short-term relief almost always make your life harder in some way.  Your teen will learn exposure strategies to endure emotions that are safe but uncomfortable so that they can feel their feelings in healthy ways that allow them to form closer connections and better express themselves.

Tuesday, June 25th

There are ways that you can decrease your vulnerability to feeling overwhelmed by emotions AND ways to increase your experiences of happiness and connection, even when you have depression or anxiety.  Your teen will learn how to create and accumulate positive experiences while also practicing self-care skills to nurture themselves on a regular basis and maintain a healthy balance.

Wednesday, June 26th

Knowing what you want and having a way to ask for it confidently is the fastest and healthiest way to get your needs met without arguments or behaviors that make life harder.  Your teen will learn and practice an assertiveness script to enhance confidence and will explore and remove barriers to being effective in relationships.

Thursday, June 27th

When you stick to your values, live honestly and show interest in others you can feel good about yourself and maintain your relationships too.  Your teen will explore what it means to live within their values and celebrate the transformative progress made in skill-building over the past two weeks!


The Details...


We'll be supporting teens daily from noon to 3 PM over the course of the intensive.  The specific dates are Tuesday, June 18th through Friday, June 21st and Monday June 24th through Thursday June 27th. 


This is perfect for the high school teen who would benefit from DBT skills, but may not have time in their schedule for a weekly DBT skills group.  Because there are only 8 spaces available in this group, we are limiting this opportunity to participants who are 14 through 17 years old.


Our summer intensive will take place in our Flourtown Teen Support Center. We'll take full advantage of our building space, as well as the adjacent Fort Washington State Park.


Register your teen for our summer camp and get exclusive access to our DBT Parenting Skills Online Course.  Our gift to you so that you can start modeling and benefitting from DBT skills at home to best support your whole family!

Tons of skills, tons of fun and an exact framework for responding to overwhelm, emotional outbursts and avoidance.  

It's time for your teen to create a life they love AND to have the skills to maintain it.

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